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Inaugural Group of Peer Coaches Receive CRLA Level 1 certification

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In May 2013 students and their guests gathered with Northeast center staff and faculty to celebrate the achievements of our Northeast Center students at the Second Annual Northeast Center Student Awards and Recognition Reception.  Acting President Dr. Meg Benke joined Dean Dr. Gerald Lorentz and Academic Support Director Dr. Lisa D'Adamo-Weinstein in recognizing the achievements of a total of 67 students, some of whom were recognized in more than one of categories listed below:


34 scholarship recipients
19 graduating military/veteran students
5  student exemplars (students who were recommended by a member of the NEC staff/faculty for their academic work/achievements)

10 peer coaches (5 of whom received their Level 1 College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) Certification)



All peer coaches completed 10 hours of training and those who earned certification also completed 25+ hours of tutoring and academic support work with students in workshops and/or individual appointments.


Certified Peer Coaches with PlaqueInaugural CRLA Certified Peer Coaches










Dean of Northeast Center Dr. Gerry Lorentz, left, with newly certified Peer Coaches Jody Bates, Donald Ellis, Kristina Savoie and Sarah Rose alongside acting President Meg Benke, right. 


Newly certified Peer Coaches Jody Bates,left,  Donald Ellis,

Kristina Savoie and Sarah Rose, right.




2012-2013 Peer Coaches

2012-2013 Peer Coaches -- Learning Coach, Kate Stockton, left, Director of Academic Support, Dr. Lisa D'Adamo-Weinstein, newly certified Peer Coach Jody Bates, Dean of Northeast Center Dr. Gerry Lorentz, Peer Coach Roger Schultz, newly certified Peer Coaches Donald Ellis, Kristina Savoie and Sarah Rose alongside acting President Meg Benke, and Peer Coach (in training) Wendy Durrick, right. 



An Academic Support Peer Coach Thank You

Dean of Northeast Center Dr. Gerry Lorentz, left, with acting President Meg Benke and Director of Academic Support Dr. Lisa D’Adamo-Weinstein, right. 

Thank You Plaque
Starfish story award given to Dr. Benke. 


For more pictures from the event featuring all the student honorees, please click on the following  link - 2nd Annual Northeast Center Student Recognition and Awards Reception 2013

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