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Peer Coach, Don Ellis is one of the Northeast Center's 2013 Graduation Speakers

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http://www.esc.edu/news/releases/2013/northeast-center-graduation.html - follow this link to get to the full press release about the 2013 Northeast Center Graduation Ceremony


About Donald Ellis

Ellis, resident of Troy, will earned a B.A. in historical studies at the college’s Northeast Center. 


Ellis is completing a senior thesis research project, “The Troy Lockout of 1886: Its Impact on the National and Local Labor Movement and on the Local Business Owners of the Troy Collar Industry.” He intends to present a copy for placement in the archives of the Rensselaer County Historical Society where he conducted much of his primary source research.


Ellis was recruited to participate on the center’s panel for the collegewide “Vote 2012” event, where he discussed the historic role and contemporary relevance of political third parties and took part in the Q & A session following the presentations. Ellis was the only student participant chosen for this program.


Ellis was selected as one of the inaugural group of the center’s peer coaches for fellow students in 2011. He has offered to continue to do so beyond graduation. 


Ellis has since been nominated by the center’s Office of Academic Support for a 2013 College Reading and Learning Association Outstanding Tutor Award, a national honor awarded by the body that oversees and certifies peer tutoring and support.


Ellis also has volunteered to serve as a speaker at center outreach and information sessions. Currently, he is employed as a health insurance claims quality analyst.

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