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Information for Faculty


The Office of Academic Support provides academic assistance to students and faculty in a wide variety of programs and services.  While our primary focus is working directly with students, we also work closely with faculty to support your work with students by developing customized study materials, embedding academic support resources directly into your studies and offering studies for your mentees to take to improve their academic skills development.


2013 - 2014 As you get ready for the September Term.pdf - download for a quick information sheet for the next academic year's services and resources.



Embedded academic support can include:

  • Partnering Faculty with Learning Coaches or Peer Coaches for a particular independent study, group study or residency course.
    • Currently connecting with Micro/Macro Economics, Critical Thinking, Enhancing the Academic Eye and No Ordinary Times: American in the Depression Years 1929-1941
    • Watch a video of how the peer coaching program works and the impact Peer Coaches have had on students and faculty - 


  • Assigning a Learning Coach or Peer Coach to a particular mentee to aid them with completing an assignment or working on developing skill.



  • Customized Study Aids for your Students – If you have a particular assignment or content that students find difficult, we can help you by designing customized study aids and resources for you and your students. Contact Lisa (x5939) to get started.


  • Classroom Presentation or Materials - Faculty members and instructors wishing to have a member of the Academic Support staff visit their class to introduce students to the services we offer may schedule an appointment talking to Lisa, Kate or Sarah.  If you would like to receive academic support information sheets, workshop schedules, terms-at-a-glance, datebooks or other materials to distribute to your students, you may email your request to necacademicsupport@esc.edu or call Lisa (x5939). 


  • Blurb for Learning Contracts -

Getting Assistance from the Northeast Center Office of Academic Support
The Academic Support staff work with students in individual appointments. We also offer workshops and we provide a wide variety of online resources. Students can make appointments to work with the academic support staff either face-to-face, online or over the phone.  Workshops are offered September through June on a variety of topics centered on academic skills, academic research and study strategies development. Please contact them to schedule an appointment or sign up for a workshop by visiting their website at http://www.necacademicsupport.pbworks.com or by using the contact information below:

  • Presentations at Center Meetings - here is a link to all of the presentations we have given at Northeast Center meetings.


Matching academic support resources to student needs:

If you have a student who has a specific set of needs, you might want to look at the chart below (or click on the PDF to save or print a copy) to better connect your student with the most appropriate academic support resource(s).


Chart of Student Needs and Academic Support Resources.pdf





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