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Writing Resources

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There are many resources available to you at the college to support your writing. Empire State College has two comprehensive writing sites developed by faculty to assist       students with all stages of the writing process, specifically (but not exclusively) these sites      cover the following topics:  Academic Reading & Critical Thinking; Academic Writing      Process; Research Writing; Documenting Sources; Business Writing; Grammar &      Punctuation; Spelling & Mechanics; Style; ESL Resources; Faculty Resources; Exercises; and


Below are a few links and resources to help you work on your writing skills development, academic research strategies, citation of sources, and finding tutoring support for the papers you write.




Empire State College Websites                                                                                                                                  




        Writer’s Complex –                      




        Genesee Valley Center Writing Program –






Other Websites                                                                                                                                


     Mind-mapping Resources




     How to make a Mind-map (3.5 minute video)




     Maximise the Power of Your Brain – Tony Buzan Mind-mapping (5.3 minute video)




     Mind-mapping by Stephen Pierce (7 minute video)








Tips & Techniques for Effective College Writing.docx  

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